Troop History

History of Troop 106 since our founding

Founding Members of Troop 106

Troop 106 was formed in Fulshear, Texas during the autumn of 2018 by the Scoutmaster Van Odell, and other adults. Initially, the Troop was composed of only 15 Scouts, many of whom came from Troop 1103 in nearby Katy. Within just a few years, our troop has expanded to more than 75 Scouts and 50 adults. Within this time span, our Scouts and adults have participated in numerous community service projects, campouts, skills activities, troop meetings, and other scouting activities.


Jeremy Odell (Current)

Shawn O'Hearn

Van Odell

Eagle Scouts

S. Burzinski

Earned 9-26-2019

Painted a map of the United States at Jenks Elementary School

R. Rothstein

Earned 2-4-2021

Planted trees at Mary Jo Peckham Park

C. Coval

Earned 6-17-2021

Cut down an invasive tree species at the Armand Bayou and Nature Center

T. Conran

Earned 8-31-2021

Constructed a Gaga Ball pit at Rylander Elementary School

M. Schneller

Earned 10-28-2021

Restored Thomas Park's bridge and markers

E. Oliver

Earned 11-03-2021

Constructed 5 benches and a fire pit at Jones Creek Ranch Park

C. Strapp

Earned 2-22-2022

Constructed four homes for bats.

R. Welch

Earned 7-25-2022

Constructed a Gaga Ball pit at St. Faustina Catholic Church

G. Burzinski

Earned 7-25-2022

Decorated and donated over 100 pillowcases to Believe in Tomorrow Children’s House